Trust a Genuine Sriracha Sauce Exporter

Sriracha sauce exporters rely on the quality of the products they offer to the world. And while the same may be said of every exporter that deals in food products, Sriracha sauce exporters are in the international spotlight because of the increasing popularity of their products.

Everyone recognises the growing popularity of Thai cuisine. Many people around the world have enjoyed Pad Thai, Tom Yung Kung, and Yam Woon Sen and want to explore much more of these enchanting, exotic, and delicious dishes. Thai cuisine is fast becoming the favourite of people who enjoy the freshest ingredients and a complex depth of flavour.

But when a particular sauce from a specific part of Thailand caught on as a popular condiment with Vietnamese food, and then that popularity migrated to American dishes, the world sat up and took notice. What was it about this sauce that was so special?

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Origins of Sriracha Sauce

There is kind of a mixed history of Sriracha sauce entailing both a Thai and Vietnamese source. But with the modern Vietnamese source paying homage to the original creator in naming his product after the home town and sauce of the creator, we’ll start with Ms. Thanom Chakkapak and the sauce she called Sriraja Panich. 

Ms. Thanom lived in the seaside town of Si Racha in the 1940s, which is about a two-hour drive south of Bangkok today. She had a small restaurant and formulated a spicy and garlicky sauce that she served with her meals. As more people became familiar with the sauce, its popularity spread until people from neighbouring countries fell in love with the sauce she called Sriraja Panich. 

Migration of Sriracha Sauce

One of these foreign neighbours was a Vietnamese native named David Tran. In 1975, Tran emigrated to the US in the aftermath of the Vietnam war and formulated his own version of a Thai sauce he had fallen in love with. He named the sauce in honour of its origins as sriracha sauce.

He had emigrated to Los Angeles, and when the sauce grew to be a favourite in the fast-growing Vietnamese restaurants of the city, Tran found himself in the sriracha sauce business. 

By the 2010s, the sauce was one of the most popular condiments in the US among food aficionados, and people started being curious why the name sounded just like a small town in Thailand. 

When these people discovered there were Thai versions of the sauce that were closer to the original version, they eagerly became customers of the Thai sriracha sauces. 

Although Tran’s version still reigns supreme in the grocery stores of the US, many gourmands prefer the fresher and more in-depth flavours of the Thai sriracha sauces.

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