The Benefits of Plastic Laminated Tubes

Many products on the market today are packed in plastic laminated tubes. There are several reasons that plastic laminated tubes make excellent packaging materials for a wide range of products. 

Product Protection

Many plastic laminated tubes are built with a special barrier inside to protect the product. This barrier can be made from plastic, aluminum or ceramic, depending on the material that would be best for a given product. 

This barrier keeps air and light from penetrating it, preserving the product inside until it is delivered to the customer and opened. These barriers make plastic laminated tubes ideal for housing sensitive products such as food or cosmetic items. 

Advertising Capabilities

Another great quality of plastic laminated tubes is that the outer layer of laminate material can be printed with detailed, multicolor images and text. This allows tubes to be designed with an aesthetic appeal and product details conveniently placed directly on the bottle. 


The highly detailed print capabilities available on plastic laminated tubes mean that they can feature very complex and high quality visuals. Furthermore, companies who use plastic laminated tubes for their products can then take advantage of lower costs from not needing additional packaging materials for labeling and advertising.

Environmentally Friendly

Compared to many other packaging options, the production of plastic laminated tubes is very sustainable. Technological advances in how they are produced and the ability to use environmentally friendly materials in production make plastic laminated tubes a great option for companies looking to reduce their environmental footprint.


The Many Advantages of Plastic Laminated Tubes

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly, affordable packing option that will protect your product and feature beautiful labeling, plastic laminated tubes could be the perfect option for your product.