• Business

    Choosing the best HR payroll software from Thailand


    It is important for each company to have an appropriate personnel management software package that has been developed for its sector in any industry. It also plays an important role in the effective conduct of any business. A company that cannot pay its employees an adequate salary, as well as pays them on time, will find that their activities can be seriously hindered. So, how can you choose the right HR payroll software from Thailand for your business today?     First, you need to explore as much as possible the various packages available. First, you can start by asking…

  • Home/Furniture

    LED Lighting in Bangkok

    The ever-increasing popularity of LED lighting in Bangkok has changed the city’s skyline from being merely picturesque to one that’s dynamic, vibrant and colourful. This is bound to continue for some time into the future of the city. Few inventions…

  • working

    Company Secretarial Services in Thailand

    Growing businesses that are just entering the marketplace may not feel that they need to hire a lawyer full-time to handle all their legal needs. And for most cases, they’re correct. Having access to company secretarial services in Thailand is…

  • Lifestyle

    Healthy food you should look for

    We all know that to be in the desired shape, we need to eat healthy food. However, given all the different options available on the market, it is sometimes difficult to choose healthy food. Here are a few dishes if…

  • sleeping well

    5 Tips for Sleeping Well

    Everyone suffers from insomnia at some point in their life. Whether it’s stress-related, dietary issues, or too much noise in your surroundings, everyone has experienced the tossing and turning that comes with an inability to fall asleep when you want…